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ASECS’ full form is Aritrika School of Environment, Climate, & Sustainability. It will be based on Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development Goals related education. It started its journey in June 2021. The target audiences are kids of urban area schools. Primarily it will only focus on the students of class 6-10. Due to the pandemic situation the project will be handled virtually through google meet. Therecording of each session will be uploaded on the facebook group and provided to them through email. After the learning session we are going to arrange virtual competition for the kids to applywhatever they learnt. Later we will conduct the project physically and promote some unique Competitions, field works, and voluntary works for the Aritrika Graduates to apply their learning on practical fields.



Environment and climate science are not included in our general course curriculum. From that pointof view it is a crucial issue to know about these topics from a very young age. So that we aremotivated to give them proper knowledge about this vital phenomenon. So we are initiating thisproject for school going kids to impart them proper knowledge about environment and climatescience. As they are young at age, they will grab the positivity we are intending to serve them. If theypractice environmentally friendly activities at a young age they will be able to hold the habitthroughout their life. ASECS will be mainly focused on that.

Benefits of Aritrika Graduates

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Class 1-3 (Grade 1)


Class 4-6 (Grade 2)


Class 6-10 (Grade 3)


Not All subjects are For All Grades.*

Environment Enthusiasts (Only for Grade 1) , Air Avengers, water warrior, Plastic Palliator, Noise Nullifier, Civic Champion ( For all Grades), Climate Conqueror, Soil Savior (For Grade 2-4)

  • Way to Conservation
  •  Public Participations
  • Connect to Climate Change
  •  Reduce Pollution